Calico Museum

Calico Museum
Calico Museum
Calico museum displays outstanding collection of textiles which include royal tents, carpets and costumes; religious paintings on cloth, embroiders, brocades, Kashmiri shawls and silk weaves are also on display which date back to 17th and 18th centuries. These rare materials are displayed in an old haveli located at Shahi Bagh, north of Delhi Gate. The museum was established by Sarabhai family, leading textile mill owners and philanthropists of Gujarat.

The museum, set in the verdant Shahi Bagh Garden is spread over 12 rooms on both floors of the haveli. The exhibits at each gallery display crafts of a particular region of Gujarat whether it is a tribal group or a religious sect. Inside the garden there is another haveli (mansion) housing the Sarabhai Foundation Galleries which has huge collection of bronze icons and paintings.

Some of the star exhibits in the museum are: Mughal Tent, Sharad Utsav Pichhwai, Phulkari, Telia Rumal, Kathiawar embroidery, Mughal costumes etc.

Opens Thursday-Tuesday
Religious textiles: 10.30 am and Secular textiles: 3pm
Remains closed on Wednesday and public holidays.

LD Institute of Indology

Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Institute of Indology was established in the city by Muni Shri Punyavijayji and Shri Kasturbhai Lalbhai. The museum displays priceless collection of ancient manuscripts, paintings, books and other reference materials from ancient India. It is also a treasure trove of manuscripts based on Jainism. The institute has preserved 45,000 printed books with 75,000 manuscripts which illustrate various subjects from Vedas, Agamas, Buddhism, Tantras, Jain Darshana, System of Indian Philosophy, Jaina Philosophy, Grammer and Poetics.

The institute conducts workshops on manuscriptology and paleography from time to time. It will be a learning experience if you attend these workshops.

NC Mehta Museum of Miniatures

NC Mehta museum has a collection of various schools of Indian miniature paintings. The building was designed by Le Corbusier � the great architect.

Timing: Tuesday-Saturday; 9 am-11am, 4 pm -7 pm

Shreyas Folk Museum

This folk museum of Gujarat is just 2.5 km from Sabarmati in the suburb of Ambabadi. It has wide collection of art and crafts from various parts of Gujarat. The museum remains closed on Wednesday.

Vishalla Utensils Museum

A rare museum of its kind, Vishalla Utensils museum is located at Juhapura which has large collection of various kinds of utensils from all over India. The museum includes nutcrackers, knives, cooking vessels and various other utensils.

Sanskar Kendra

The Sanskar Kendra � one of the many buildings in Ahmedabad designed by the Le Corbusier � is a city museum depicting history, art, culture and architecture of Ahmedabad. It has a rare collection of miniature paintings and other artifacts from various parts of Gujarat.

Gujarat Vidyapith Tribal Museum

The museum situated at Ashram Road has a huge collection of tribal artifacts and diagrams of aboriginal lifestyles housed in an institute envisaged by Mahatma Gandhi.

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